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What to visit in Lefkas

Lefkas, the fourth largest Greek island, is swarmed by hundreds of thousands of tourists every summer.  This is not just a coincidence - Lefkas offers stunning landscapes, crystal clear turquoise sea and numerous other things within its borders. This picturesque island will surely provide whatever your heart desires when imagining the perfect summer getaway.

The first thing everyone thinks of when they hear of Greece or Lefkas is the sea. With its unmatched
beauty and purity it is a sight to be seen for everyone wishing to explore and see the world. There is a very large number of beaches that simply must be visited while on Lefkas, but Porto Katsiki, the most famous one, should, with no exception, be put first on the list. It is a sandy beach accessible either by
boat or by the 347 steps sloping of the mountain. You can spend the day soaking up the sun and
enjoying the sea, and hide under one of the umbrellas or have a drink at the beach bar to get some

Despite having all this natural beauty, it is far from the only thing Lefkas has to offer.  There is a total of seven settlements on the island, and each is located no more than a kilometer away from the next. This makes it easy to explore them all. Lefkas holds numerous examples of beautiful architecture, such as monasteries and castles. However, you will also encounter age-old olive groves, ancient wells, ruined watermills, crumbling campaniles, as well as welcoming and friendly locals.

The most known examples of the monuments worth visiting are Nydri, the medieval Venetian castle of Agia Mavra, the prehistorical city of Nirikos and the Monastery of Faneromeni. Is will surely leave all history lovers astonished with its beauty.

For those wanting to experience traditional Greek cuisine, they should head out to Lefkada Town and other island’s villages like Poros, Nidri or Ligia. Those spots are filled with places to try out traditional Greek cooking. And after a good meal, you can always relax in one of many bars spread across the island.

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